To Paul and His Club

To a man who started this club 53 years ago,
You were always searching for the best snow!
To a man that would do anything and would care for all of us,
From dining-out to lending a hand or to getting another bus!

To his club that you can join during any year of college,
To his club in which you gain a lot and probably lose a little knowledge!
To his club that you can meet your best friends,
To his club in which you quickly learn the party truly never ends!

To his club that knows where the wild things go,
To his club that takes a trip to Quebec City before the first snow!
To his club that encourages all to become a member,
To his club that has so many stories to always remember!

From Brown House to Round House, and then finally the real White House was silly!
To making lifelong friendships with Pluta, Chaz, Craiger, Jerm, Heebah, KY and Billy,
Chels, D-Hughes, Kay, Sarah Casey, Haley O, TimTom and the rest of the crew!
Here’s to slapping the bag or drinking Boone’s Farm and kegs of the cheapest brew!

From arranging weekend trips to QC, Tremblant or Killington College Week or The Dew Tour,
You motivated us to go dorm storming, flyering, helping out on day trips to VT and so much more!
From promoting our Ski Sale to stuffing packets or working for you at Sno-Search all as reps,
You got us season passes at a low price and made sure we passed down the torch to the right prospects!

Though we are saddened about your passing,
Your charm, wit, and smile is everlasting!
Many people are thinking of you and probably have a story to tell,
As the song, ‘I Did It My Way’ fits you pretty damn well!

To a man who said, “Live life to the fullest, be kind and thoughtful and be there for a friend in need.”
You have laid this motto as a foundation for the LAGNAF nation to succeed!
We come together not to mourn, but we come to celebrate and honor all the above,
This is for you Paul Tetrault: The man who created the UMASS Ski ‘N’ Board Club!

This is from us all,
Thank you and Rest in Peace Uncle Paul!

Yours Truly,

06 –10