~ Running Rare For SLI ~

Liz and I are participating in a 10K race,
Done virtually at our own pace!
It is called the Genesis Battlegreen Run,
It should be a whole lot of fun!

We are raising money for Supportive Living, Inc.
So you have some time to think:
To either come and run or walk with us on the 6th, if you can,
Or to donate and come cheer for us as a fan!

You must run or walk between the 1st and 7th of November,
Or in person on race day but just remember;
You can run or walk it regardless of your location,
Or you can always make a kind donation!

Running or walking a 10K or a 5K might be a hard pill to swallow,
Don’t worry there will be plenty of beer, food and water to follow!
We have a course, in my neighborhood, all plotted out,
Click to Register for the race, Donate to my fundraiser, or Discover what this race is all about!