This is for Dill a young guy that lives in the Chicago area and ALSO has ChAc.

His mom Karyn said this! “Words cannot express how incredibly happy and proud we are right now! I waited to post, as we were worried, as sometimes things are too good to be true!!! Dill has obviously had a lot of set backs due to his ultra rare disease. He had such an unusual, and scary gait, and had to support his head while walking… He was always under 125 pounds. He is now 140 pounds, and walking better than he has in almost 2 years!! I believe in the power of prayer, giggles, and vitamins!! What the what!?”

This is Dill.
He is quite a thrill!
So watch him GO
As he walks with such swagger and flow!

Keep on walking straight for as long as you can,
You are doing great my good man!
You might look funny but it’s that damn ChAc,
Don’t you worry buddy I got your back!

Drew Smith
September 10, 2021