This is dedicated to my friend Mike Koutis. We both are fighting chorea-acanthocytosis. Mike lives in Canada in a nursing care facility. Mike has little mobility and is limited to his bed or to his custom wheelchair. Regardless, he is a fighter, an educator and is constantly advocating for NA. Whether it is a good day or a bad day, he is always smiling. He is a kind and humble man who speaks highly of others. This is for you Mike!

To my buddy Mike,
Even though our current situations are not completely alike,
We both have a disease that is nasty and mean!
We desire to enjoy a peanut butter cup or vanilla ice cream!

When things get crappy,
You remain optimistic and happy!
I admire your positive attitude,
Kristy says you are a cool dude!

Hang in there Mike and fight each day,
There is no cure is what they say!
But I hope to see this to the end,
So let’s fight this together my friend!

Drew Smith
August 11, 2021