Mas zz


I don’t pronounce my R’s. I call a liquor store a packie, a garbage can a trash barrel, a water fountain a bubblah and a milkshake is a frappe. I will follow signs that say, “use yah blinkah!” I root for the team that hadn’t won the World Series since 1918, and yell “Yankees suck,” when we are playing the Tigers. I think Larry Bird is the greatest basketball player to ever play, Ted Williams is the greatest hitter to ever hit and Bobby Orr is the best defensemen to ever skate. To me everything west of 128 is the boonies, and the Cape is a piece of heaven right here on Earth. The best summer night would be me and a couple of beantown kids, watching a game in the bleachers at Fenway with lots of hot dogs and beer. Pisssah means ‘great’ or ‘amazing’. I ride the T. I know better than to swim the Charles or walk on it, but I love that dirty water. Hell yeah, I’m a Bostonian and I’m WICKED proud of it!