My mom found this poem I wrote 15 years ago. I was starting my senior year of high school. Even hough things have changed, this poem definitely holds true as to where I am From

I am From. .

I am from seven cars, televisions and family pictures on the walls,
I am from green grass, hydrangeas and old rakes lasting through many falls!
I am from a house where argument is not negotiable,
And I am from a place where living conditions are extremely enjoyable!

I am from a neighborhood that needs me,
I am from a family I always have to see!
I am from dinners that are never missed, 
I am from goodnights that are always kissed!

I am from super wedgies or a big beat down,
I am from siblings and parents that never frown!
I am from friends, who are constantly there,
I am from distant relatives who care!

I am from a place where the music is usually high,
And I am from a home where mom and dad always say, “We love you goodbye.”
I am from a family of love,
I am from all of the above!

Drew Smith
September 12, 2005